9 Types of Popular Terry Fabric for Custom Hooded Towels

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Do you not know how to choose the most suitable fabric to customize the hooded towels? Scroll down, and we’ve got you covered with 9 of the most popular terry fabrics for referring:


Cotton regular woven terry cloth

Both two sides with terry loops. The most used gram weight is 300gsm to 400gsm. This fabric with good water absorption, hand feeling, shrinkage rate, low MOQ, and moderate price.

Cotton jacquard terry cloth

The jacquard terry cloth can come in various beautiful patterns. The three-dimensional effect is strong. Colorful designs will not affect the hand feel.

Cotton low-twist terry cloth:

This fabric with better water absorption and hand feels. And the durability is better than zero-twisted terry cloth.


Cotton Zero-twisted terry cloth:

Zero-twist fabric with an excellent hand feel. If you want to make high-quality towels, zero-twist terry cloth is a good choice. This fabric is thick, delicate, fluffy, and has good water absorption.

Cotton velour terry cloth

Generally, one side is velour, and the other is terry. Compared with the loop side, the velour side with better hand feel. We can print various designs on the velour side. The most used gram weight is 320gsm to 380gsm;

Cotton double-layer terry cloth:

One side is terry, and the other is muslin—this fabric with the muslin cloth’s breathability and the terry cloth’s thick feeling.

Bamboo-cotton terry cloth

Usually, the ground of the fabric is cotton, and the loop is bamboo. The most common gram weight is 320gsm-600gsm. The total content ratio of cotton and bamboo will fluctuate according to the gram weight. For example, a 400gsm bamboo-cotton fabric has a bamboo content of about 65% and a cotton content of about 35%. A 600gsm bamboo-cotton hooded towel has a bamboo content of about 70% and a cotton content of about 30%. Bamboo-cotton hooded towel is more comfortable, softer, brighter, and absorbent. Yet, the toughness of the bamboo fiber towel is not good, and it is not as strong as a pure cotton towel. Wet strength is also not good, so we shouldn’t soak the bamboo fiber towels in water for a long time.

Warp-knitted terry cloth

The gram weight we usually use is 320gsm-400gsm. Fabric with round 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Warp-knitted terry is anti-snag.

Single-sided knitted terry cloth

The fabric can be cotton or blended with cotton and polyester. If it is a cotton-polyester blend, the cotton content is about 75%, and the polyester content is about 25%. Standard gram weights are 180gsm – 250gsm. We can print patterns on this fabric with a good hand feel. Because it is thinner, the price is more affordable.

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