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There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying velour bath towels. These factors include their weight and fabric. Reading this article, you should have a better decision when choosing them.

Top things to consider about velour bath towels

Velour towels can have a variety of qualities. They can be soft and fluffy or dense and absorbent. Besides, they can be cotton or made from bamboo. Both types of materials have advantages and disadvantages.


One of the best features of velour towels is their durability and softness. They have a long lifespan and can last for years. They can also be stylish and add to your bathroom decor. Investing in the right towel can make your life easier!

Fabric Quality

One of the most important things to consider when buying a velour towel is the quality of the fabric. The material should be durable and absorbent. It should have a high GSM or grams per square meter, where higher GSM values say a better quality towel. Another factor to consider is weight. A heavy towel needs more energy and will take longer to dry.

Towel Design

Another critical factor is the design of the towel. In comparison, velour bath towels may look luxurious in the store. Check the label. Make sure the label lists the fabric type. A towel made from polyester will be lighter than a plush one, but it will be easier to carry and dry.

Velour towels are popular among people who love soft-touch fabrics. These towels have a soft finish and are ideal for lounging on the beach. They are usually rectangular and available in various sizes and colors. You can order them in bulk or customize the colors and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

A velour towel can be more expensive than a terry towel. But it is more luxurious than a terry towel. Velour terry is a popular choice for luxury bath towels. Also, it is less expensive than a similar lattice-weave towel.

Velour towels made from 100% cotton can withstand frequent washing and drying. Moreover, they can last for several years.


A standard velour bath towel weighs approximately 360 grams. While cotton is the most common fabric used to make bath towels, several varieties exist. For example, Egyptian cotton has a longer staple. This cotton is more absorbent and durable and doesn’t shed as much lint as other cotton towels.

The cotton used to make velour bath towels varies. Some are 100% cotton, while others combine cotton and polyester. A blend is softer but can take longer to dry and may more likely show signs of wear.

You’ll want to keep the weight in mind when buying velour bath towels. The more weight there is, the more absorbent they are. A 400-600 GSM towel is heavy. It provides extra warmth, and some high-end consumers prefer them over lighter options. Ring-spun yarn and double are the most common fibers used in the production of velour towels.

Consider the material when choosing velour bath towels. The materials used in velour towels have many advantages. For example, cotton is absorbent, absorbs water, and dries your skin well. Cotton fibers do not stretch, which is why they last for years.

Velour bath towels are durable and can handle washing for several years. Yet, you can make them last longer if you care for them. You can wash them with mild detergent. But remember to avoid fabric softeners, which can damage the velour fibers. They may be prone to clumping in the dryer, so you’ll want to avoid using any fabric conditioner.

How to wash your velour towels

The best way to maintain the look and feel of your velour bath towels is to wash them. It will keep them soft, fluffy, and full of absorbency. Printed velour towels can become stained. But you can restore them to their white color with simple washing and drying methods.

To remove stains and soften your towels, you can use baking soda. It will also help you get rid of any difficult-to-wash stains. Also, you can use wool dryer balls to keep your towels from clumping. These balls absorb excess heat in the dryer, which is ideal for velour towels.

Velour fabric is soiled or dusty; it is advisable to rub it if washed by hand. It is important to remember that velour is thicker than velvet-like fabrics. And you may need to apply more than one muslin at a time.

The best way to prevent these issues is to wash the towels. After each use, lay them flat and let them air dry. It will allow the towel to breathe and prevent mildew. Also, keep your towels dry, as this will only wear them out faster.

For daily use, you should wash them every three to four days. Besides, you should only use a little detergent when washing your towels. This can damage their fibers and make them stiff. You can even use half the detergent on your towels if they are clean enough.

Pros and Cons of Velour Bath Towels

Velour is a luxurious fabric with the look and feel of velvet, but it’s not as expensive as velvet. Unlike velvet, made from expensive silk threads, velour is made from natural cotton. Today, cotton velour is used in bath towels and other bathroom accessories.

Velour is lighter in weight than terry and drapes better. It also dries more. It looks luxurious yet costs a fraction of the price of similar lattice-weave towels. While velvet has its benefits, there are also some disadvantages.

Choosing a color is a challenge. Before making your decision, try to buy one set in each color. Please place it in your bathroom and notice how it looks in different lighting.


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