How to Reduce the Minimum Order Quantity When Customizing Products

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When customizing products, high MOQs are often a headache. Sometimes we have to test the market before ordering large quantities. We have to buy small amounts at the start. But we must face the smallest order quantity required by suppliers and factories.
When we customize products, we must know why the supplier sets the MOQ. Then we will find ways to reduce the MOQ according to our actual situation.

Why suppliers set MOQ

Why set the MOQ? The main points are as follows:

Time cost

It takes a certain amount of time to arrange and confirm samples. It’s a fixed time and has little to do with the number of bulk goods. For example, if we customize an item of hooded towels, the lead time for 10,000 pieces is around 60 days. But if the quantity is 100 pieces, it also takes approximately 40 days. So, a small amount will result in low production efficiency.

Material loss

a small quantity will lead to a more extensive loss of fabrics and accessories. For example, 1% of the fabric loss of 10,000 pieces is enough for a hooded towel. But if it is 100 pieces, 10% is may not enough. We can reduce material loss if we have large quantities.

Other costs

such as shipping costs. When the factory transports 10,000 PCs to the port, the freight rate may be 5/1000. But, if 100 pcs hooded towels, the shipping fee accounts for 10%. And the communication cost. It is difficult for the factory to arrange fabrics and accessories if the quantity is too small. Most manufacturers will focus on orders with large amounts.

Mold cost

most custom products need to be set up with molds or plate-making. The lower the quantity, the higher the cost of these abrasives spread out to each product. And some products have a very high mold opening fee.

Quality control

If the quantity is small, the quality is not easy to control—for example, the fabric’s color.

How to reduce the MOQ

Use regular size

some products have standard sizes; We can reduce the MOQ by using the standard size. For example, the normal size of the woven terry hooded towel is 76cm * 76cm. When we customize a hooded towel with a width of 76cm, the MOQ can be reduced (width 76cm * customized length). But If you customize a hooded towel with a width of 80cm, the MOQ will be higher than that of 76cm. So before customizing a product, you can understand the regular sizes of the supplier.

Use the existing fabrics in the factory.

The factory generally stores part of the fabrics. Before customizing a product, you can first understand the factory’s materials in stock. If the existing fabrics meet the requirements, the MOQ will be much lower.

Use the existing pattern in the factory.

Using the current design can save the cost of plate making, for example, for a printing design. We can use the designs the factory has. Because we need not make the printing plant, we can save costs and reduce the MOQ.

Change the production process.

For example, a printing muslin blanket. We usually use water-based printing. The advantage of water-based printing is cheap, but it needs to make a printing plate. The printing plate fee is calculated by color. Suppose there are eight colors in this printing design. Then the cost of plate making needs to be about US$65*8=$520 (of course, the fees of each printing factory may be different). There are some other surcharges. But if the quantity is small, we can choose digital printing. Although digital printing is expensive, there is no plate-making fee. We can decide which way is most suitable according to the specific design and quantity.

Adjust the design

We can change the details without affecting the appearance to reduce the MOQ. For example, we can choose the main body fabric for the embroidered appliqué of the hooded towel. The fewer accessories used, the less quantity required.

Increase the unit price

If we have no other good idea to reduce the minimum order quantity, we can increase the unit price to lower the amount.

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