How many hooded towels can a container hold?

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Why should we know how many hooded towels a container can hold?

Suppliers generally quote FOB prices. FOB means Free on Board and does not contain the actual cost of importing the goods. You can refer to incoterms to check the cost and risk between the seller and buyer.
If we know the volume of the products, we can calculate the shipping cost of each product and measure the ELC price.
Of course, in retail. Knowing the volume of the product, we can also better see the transportation cost of a package.

Common container sizes

There are many types of containers. When transporting textile products, we usually use 20GP, 40GP, 40HC;
The container dimensions are as follows:

Nominal Dimension Length Width Height
External 20′ (6.096m) 8′(2.438m) 8’6″ (2.591m)
Internal 19’4.25″ (5.899m) 7’8.625″(2.353m) 7’10″(2.388m)
External 40′(12.192m) 8′(2.438m) 8’6″ (2.591m)
Internal 39’5.375″ (12.024m) 7’8.625″(2.353m) 7’10″(2.388m)
External 40′(12.192m) 8′(2.438m) 9’6″(2.896m)
Internal 39’5.375″ (12.024m) 7’8.625″(2.353m) 8’10″(2.692m)

What’s the meaning of GP, HC, HQ, and FCL?

GP: General Purpose;

HC/HQ: High Cube;

FCL: Full Container Loading;

Instruction of RLV

RLV means Recommended Load Volume.
In theory, the RLV of 20GP, 40GP, 40HC is as below:
20GP: 28-29M3;
40GP: 57-59M3;
40HC: 66-68M3;
However, carton sizes and shapes will influence the loading volume.
For example, if it is 0.022m3 per ctn, we can load 28M3 for a 20foot container;
While, if it is 0.04m3 per ctn, we can only load around 24M3 for a 20FT.
The smaller the carton size, the more we can load.

How many hooded towels can a 20FT container hold?

The packing way, fabric weight, hooded towel size, etc., will affect the loading volume.
Suppose we are packing a 76*91cm 300gsm hooded towel with a hanger. It is usually 24pcs per carton and will be 0.065M3 per ctn. Thus, a 20ft container usually can load 9000pcs.

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