7 Baby Hooded Towel Packing Ideas

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How to pack the hooded towel to better transport, display, and sell the product?

What kind of packaging can make the product look good and save costs? More, it does not deform during transportation.

I have listed seven packing ideas; I hope they will help you.


Roll Packaging

Roll packaging can better highlight your design and save space.

Kimble the rolled-up hooded towel to the back card. Then tie the back card and the hooded towel with a ribbon or paper belt;

Accessories needed: back card; ribbon or paper belt; hangtag (optional); polybag (optional);

Advantages: Outstanding design, space-saving;

Disadvantages: It is easy to loosen the fabric loop when opening; packaging is not easy;

To make the packaging more manageable and reduce the cost, we can use a small hook instead of the back card;

Suppose the pins damage the towel when opening, giving you a headache. We can use a clip instead of a plastic pin to solve the problem. But it is only suitable for the hooded towel with thin fabrics.



Fold the towel, hang it with a hanger, and fix it with a plastic pin.

Accessories needed: hanger, ribbon or paper belt, hangtag (optional), polybag (optional);

Advantages: easy to pack and display;

Disadvantages: We need to use plastic pins. It is easy to loosen the fabric loop and damage the product When opening. It can’t highlight the complex design;


PVC bag or PEVA bag

Fold the hooded towel and put it in a PVC or PEVA bag;

Accessories: PVC bag or PEAV bag; U-shaped card;

Advantages: no plastic pin used; easy to pack; the packaging cost is low; it can be well dustproof;

Disadvantages: Can’t highlight the design of the product very well;


Gift Box Packaging

Fold the hooded towel and put it into a customized gift box. We can use different materials and shapes for the package. For example, we can use a handle shape instead of a square shape, use kraft paper instead of a whiteboard;

Accessories: gift box; ribbon (optional);

Advantages: improve product grade;

Disadvantages: sizeable occupied volume; high transportation cost. The gift box has the risk of deformation during transportation;


Paper belt

You can think it is environmental packaging. Fold the hooded towel and tight it with a paper belt;

Accessories: paper belt; polybag(optional);

Advantages: environmental protection; simple packaging; low packaging cost;

Disadvantages: We cannot hang the hooded towel up for display. The product may move during transportation. We can design the paper belt wider and wrap it tighter;

Bags made of fabrics

the bag is for packing and function.

Accessories: bag;

Advantages: environmental protection; improved product grade; no need to use plastic pins;

Disadvantages: The bag is usually not transparent, and we cannot see the hooded towel’s design. The cost may be higher than the other packaging;

Recommended fabrics: self-fabric of hooded towel; woven waffle fabric; muslin; mesh, etc.;


Roll up the product with a ribbon or paper belt and put it in the display box;

Accessories: ribbon or paper belt, display box;

Advantages: we can display the product in the store through the PDQ;

Disadvantages: sizeable occupied volume; high transportation cost; increased product packaging cost;

You can use different materials and designs to create your unique packaging designs.

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