Something You should Know on CPSIA Testing

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What does CPSIA stand For?

CPSIA: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Main tips of CPSIA

  1. The CPSIA defines the term”children’s products” and commonly requires that children’s products;
  2. Follow all applicable children’s product safety rules;
  3. Be tested for compliance by an accredited laboratory;
  4. Have a written children’s Product Certificate, which provides evidence of the product’s compliance;
  5. Have permanent tracking information stick to the product and its packaging where practicable;

Testing Request

  • Lead in all toys or items for kids:

600ppm(Feb 14th-Aug 14th,2009)
300ppm(Aug 14th,2009- Aug 14th,2012)
100ppm(Aug 14th,2012 till now)

  • Lead in painting or coating: 90ppm
  • Phthalates 6P (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP): less than 0.1% (1000ppm)

(PPM: parts per Million)

CPSIA Definitions 1

Children’s products: products designed or intended for children up to 12 years old.

CPSIA Definitions 2

Children’s Toys: products designed or intended by the manufacturer for children up to 12 years old.

CPSIA Definitions 3

Children’s Articles:
Products designed or intended to help sleep or feed children up to 3 years of age;
Products that help children with sucking and teething.

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