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How do You Pick Good Quality Hooded Towels?

But with so many different sizes and styles available. Keep in mind when choosing a hooded towel for your child:

• The hooded towel should be large enough to cover your child’s head and body.

• It should be soft and absorbent.

• It should have a hood that can adjust to fit your child’s head.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect hooded towel.

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Acceptable Quality Limit In Textile Industry

AQL means Acceptable Quality Limit. It is also taken as the Average Quality Level.

Below are two charts for your reference:

Chart 1: In the textile industry, usually follow general inspection levels II
Chart 2: Single sampling plans for normal inspection.

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Something You should Know on CPSIA Testing

1:The CPSIA defines the term”children’s products” and commonly requires that children’s products;
2:Follow all applicable children’s product safety rules;
3:Be tested for compliance by an accredited laboratory;
4:Have a written children’s Product Certificate, which provides evidence of the product’s compliance;
5:Have permanent tracking information stick to the product and its packaging where practicable;

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OEKO-TEX Standard 100 in Textile Field

OEKO-TEX standard 100 is a globally unified testing and certification system for textile products.

The system applies to products in all links of the textile industry chain. Including below:
textile raw materials;
intermediate products;
finished products;
accessories used in finished textile products;

We can control harmful substances in textiles through this system.

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How many hooded towels can a container hold?

If we know the volume of the products, we can calculate the shipping cost of each product and measure the ELC price.
Of course, in retail. Knowing the volume of the product, we can also better see the transportation cost of a package.

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How much do you know about antibacterial towels?

Antibacterial towels are towels treated with silver antibacterial agents. Or towels made of cotton yarn with antibacterial factors.
The towel will not be moldy and smelly even under damp and warm conditions.
And it also has anti-mite and bacteriostatic effects.

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